Christmas Trees

To Our Customers;

Shortly we begin harvesting your trees and while they are enroute to your stores I wish to take a moment to share with you information about our Christmas trees that your customers will enjoy hearing – how this custom is both family and Earth friendly.

That Christmas tree your customers will soon be looking at began as a seed in a pine cone that fell to Earth about 8 years ago. The seed grew into a seedling in a nursery and then transplanted to our farm where we nurtured it to its present size. Somewhere along the way, and I confess this is still a mystery to me, some piece of magic grew into the tree – how else to explain how a tree turns into a Christmas tree that helps families come together, slow down and have fun giving gifts to one another?

I would like to add that these trees are a gift from nature to us all. I like to take our customers to the middle of our field of Christmas trees where I tell them, Now you are breathing what may be the cleanest air on Earth! In a wonderfully harmonious way trees are Earth’s filters absorbing much of the carbon dioxide that we release and in turn they release back into the air the very substance we jump for joy to imbibe – oxygen. We harvest that field of trees in November and in January we are planting new seedlings to continue the cycle. When the Christmas season is finally over and it is time to remove the trees they can be chipped up and added back to the soil with other soil amendments

In short, Christmas trees grown on farms like ours help remind children of all ages that giving is fun – for many this reaches to spiritual depths – and these trees fit into the great harmonic cycle of nature. Christmas trees are nature’s gifts that help put us in a generous mood. We sincerely hope our Christmas trees help to re-kindle the childlike spirit in all your customers.

Best Regards,

Ed, Dennis & team of Oregon Evergreen