Christmas Wreath Fundraisers for Schools, Groups, Clubs, Churches and Youth Groups

If you seek a way to raise money – let’s talk!

We are located in the heart of evergreen country – the edge of the Willamette valley in western Oregon. From here we grow Christmas trees and produce wreaths, garlands, swags, and table centerpieces. This makes us a great source for fresh gift-giving ideas during the holiday season.

The Check List:

Which fundraiser interests you:

  • Offer all the products on our flyer?
  • Selecting 2-4 products to offer?
  • Selecting only various wreath designs to offer?

Approach: are you going to set up a retail lot or take orders in advance – or both?

Location: do you have access to a place that will serve as a distribution yard for 1 week-end?

Create your list: Choose the products you wish to offer from our list.

How will you promote? Teammates given tickets to sell? Mailing plus phone/email follow-up? – we can send you flyer samples and photos to help create your flyer.

Be clear: be clearly realistic about your money raising goals (minimum? Optimum?).

Please read Letter From Ed Hallett for more details.

We'll be happy to contact you and answer your questions.

Telephone:  503.931.5624

Tell me more about raising money for my group!

We believe we have some of the BEST Christmas Fundraising Opportunities.  If you are looking for a Christmas Fundraiser, Christmas Wreath Fundraiser, Christmas Tree Fundraiser, or other opportunities to raise money for your group please download the media kit and read through the information on this page.

Media Kit

Traditional Mixed Wreath
Cedar Garland
Swag w/ Bow
Lemon Cypress Wr
Christmas Charm

Christmas Fundraising PDFs

Just a few of our satisfied customers...

  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts
  • 4-H
  • Church youth groups
  • City neighborhood associations
  • High School PTO’s
  • Middle School Bands
  • High School Senior Classes
  • Preschools
  • Sports Teams & Dance Clubs