Wholesale Christmas Decorations

Looking for a wholesale provider for your store this holiday season? We can help!

Your customers come to you looking for gift-giving and decorating ideas. We offer a variety of holiday items, including wreaths, garlands, swags, and table decorations. Below is a list of the many items we offer for wholesale purchase. All items are handmade in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, and can be shipped around the country. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

Traditional Wreaths

Noble Fir Wreath

Made from noble fir branches.

Available in sizes from 14″ to 72″ outer diameter.

Traditional Mixed Wreaths

With Noble Fir we add blue-berried juniper yellow incense cedar and Ponderosa pinecones.

Available in sizes 8″ through 60″ ring sizes or 14″ through 84″ outer diameter.


Wint’ry Mountain Wreaths with Cones

Here are colors we see when driving in the Cascades – no snow.

Available in 22″ and 28″ outer diameter sizes.


Wint’ry Mountain Wreaths with Snow Cones

Same at the Wint’ry Mountain Wreath, but the cones have a frosted look.

Available in 22″ and 28″ outer diameter sizes.


Lemon Cypress Wreath

Sprigs of Lemon Cypress offer a yellow splash.

Available in 22″ and 28″ outer diameter sizes.


“Christmas Spirit” Wreath

We decorate with musical instruments and gift packs.

Available in 22″ outer diameter sizes.

Designer Wreaths


Snow Flake Wreath

Made with noble fir trimmings, this fun shaped wreath is left plain for customization

Sized about 25″ wide.

Decorated Snow Flake Wreath

We added waterproof red berries, juniper, and incense cedar to our snowflake wreaths.

Sized about 25″ wide


Candy Cane Wreath

Made from noble fir.

About 25″ long


Decorated Candy Cane Wreath

It is our traditional candy cane wreath with added blues and yellows.

About 25″ long


Cross – 18″


Cross – 33″


Cross Decorated

Natural Table Decorations

Centerpiece Family

We decorate with mini gift packs.

19″ x 12″

Wintercone & Candle

Red candle is included.

19″ x 12″

Winter Delight

Smaller size than other center pieces. Winter colors in biodegradable pot.

Sized 22″-24″ and 24″-26″

Christmas Swags

Traditional Swag

Sized 22″-24″ and 24″-26″

Diamond Swag

Sized about 19″

Swag w/ Bow

Sized 22″-24″ and 24″-26″

Christmas Charm

Smaller version of swag, this can be either indoor or outdoor decoration.


Cedar Garland

Decorate door frames and banisters to wrap the room in the season.

Sizes: 10′, 15′, 25′, and 75′ lengths.

Noble Fir Garland

Hardier than cedar garland, but heavier too.

Sizes: 10′, 15′, 25′, and 75′ lengths.

The Christmas Wreath Story

A wreath on our door is among our most ancient customs – here we connect with many generations of people going back 2,000 years. During the time of the Roman Empire wreaths, as an earthly halo were first placed on heads as an award. After removal from the head wreaths gradually became a wall adornment.

When the Christian church began taking shape in the first 400 years after the death of Jesus, it first endured an interval as an outlaw faith. New converts used various symbols to identify themselves to one another and one of these symbols was the wreath placed on the front door. Later in history Christian missionaries competed with Druids for the attention of northern Europeans. Druids assigned mystical attributes to Oak trees (observing they were the trees most often hit by lightning). In response Christian missionaries in the 8th century turned to conifers equating characteristics of evergreens with everlasting life. Through the war of symbols and our persistent pleasure in handicraft work wreaths on the door made of evergreen boughs have become one of our most enduring customs.

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